Adaption towards Innovation in 2021

Adaption towards Innovation in 2021 Image


A year ago, this very day on December 31, 2019 when authorities in China alerted the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. The pandemic adversely affected people worldwide in every aspect. The health of the affected depreciated significantly, people lost their loved ones, and the lock-down caused mental stress to many. Thousands of people worldwide have lost jobs, their education has taken a hit, and other personal and professional goals have also suffered. Further, the global economy is in a serious crisis. Business, irrespective of their scope, have been disrupted.  

Before COVID-19, Little Spanish Garden LLC was expanding; however, when the pandemic hit us, the construction was delayed. We still managed to stand tall as a company we had to not only think for ourselves or our profits and losses, most importantly we had to service our essential workers and provide health and safety to our children which remained our top priority. It has been one year since we had taken this path of hope and charity; to run a business, you need monetary support; while our expenses have grown and losses have gone above our expectations, we still are not giving up. Our initial plan was to work as a team and invest our time and effort in maintaining health within our striving community, rather than profits. We shall overcome this. With this in mind, we further adapted towards innovation. 

 Thank you to our neighborly city of Buffalo, the community of various sectors for continued support towards our efforts and sacrifices. As we all know challenges will continue this new year, but there is also optimism and faith in which Little Spanish Garden shall open an additional door. We welcome families within the town of Amherst and surrounding areas to our newly renovated learning center this early new year. You may schedule an on line tour 

 From LSG Familia to yours… we wish you peace.  Cheers to 2021! 





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