Deliverance in 2023!

Deliverance in 2023! Image


Little Spanish Garden (LSG) always thrives to provide quality early education to children. We are on a mission to gain your trust by being dependable, professional, and honest and most notably by caring for your child as one of our very own. Our utmost focus is to prepare your child with the necessary developmental skills and education. Our all-rounded educational technique will help your child to reach appropriate milestones and attain a solid learning basis. We are keen to provide a warm, welcoming, friendly, and fun environment to your child for healthy growth and development. 

We are glad to announce that now we are expanding our facilities and welcoming parents to participate in our venture by informing the community about our goals and missions. Together we can create a huge impact on our society. We cordially welcome you all to collaborate with us for the betterment of the community. You can help us by making other people know about LSG. As LSG is always keen to provide a diverse and inclusive environment where all children feel safe and secure. Multicultural early learning is the most important key feature of LSG that sets us apart from other early learning centers. We always promoted care and respect for each other. Children belonging to any culture can freely express themselves and explore their surroundings. We want to include parents in our mission so that we can collectively work to provide a strong basis for our children.  In 2023; You can join us through a video presentation where you get a chance to know more about LSG. You will learn about our core values, missions, and education approach. 

Providing a strong learning foundation to every child is our dream and you can make our mission come true by assisting us in informing others about LSG. Together we can work to provide better learning opportunities and prepare the child for future learning. So come and join us for this noble cause. Your participation in making our venture successful will be highly appreciated.                                                               

From all of LSG to yours... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Can't wait to meet you!