Growth at LSG!

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At Little Spanish Garden collaborating with Help Me Grow for Evaluations, we take the "Education" side of Early Education very seriously. We know just how complex and involved education can be, how important it is to spot issues rapidly, and how much the tools that we use matter. To that end, we provide teachers with strategic curriculum that is designed to keep everyone on task and optimize the education process. When children are placed into a learning environment that is both organized and conducive to creativity, that is when they can reach their full portential and when they can see clearly the pathways to their personal long-term goals.    


Our evaluation system emphasizes screening and developmental milestones, which refer to the age at which most children achieve certain abilities. This way, we give an efficient means to monitor your child's early development, tracking their motor, cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional skills in real time. Our educators want you to be confident that your child is developing at a rate and to be aware if there is any additional support needs. If we show children the power of empathy and impact that social acuity can have, we can open up endless opportunities in their early developement. Every student, child that attends LSG gets the best attention possible! 


Special Thank you to Gerald Smith, during his time at Help Me Grow for establishing partnership with LSG  since 2016; along with all the educators at LSG. The reason behind the success of LSG is our teamwork.




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