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It is proven that learning starts at birth and educating kids from an early age create a great impact on their schooling. Our early learning center is a great way to make children under age 5 ready for kindergarten. In fact, it is more than readiness for kindergarten. It intends at the holistic development of children’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs in order to provide a strong basis for lifelong learning and prosperity. The learning environment is specifically designed according to the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia approach. The purpose is to provide an environment to children that is attractive, welcoming, engaging, diverse and well-equipped with all the essentials. Age and developmentally appropriate activities and materials are planned to foster holistic development. Keeping in view, Emilia’s approach parents are the first teachers of their children. So, they are integrated into their child’s activities and learning process on a regular basis. 

That in turn, promotes a community of families working collectively to facilitate healthy relationships, learning and admiration for one another while having fun. Various rooms, outdoor and indoor places, spaces with musical, educational and art supplies are present to enable good and healthy partnership between our early educator’s team, parents, and children. Literacy and math skills are the focus of attention. 

Age and stage assessments are provided to facilitate learning and diagnose individual or special needs. Teachers give small, large group and one on one instruction. Technology is incorporated to make hands-on learning possible. When, each child leaves our center is fully ready to enter kindergarten. He/She can meet and fulfil the requirements of kindergarten or Montessori school. We highly appreciate the efforts of our teachers and parents that they are putting forward for the better future of our children. We are also highly obliged for joining and considering our early education program. 

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