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Diversity and inclusion is the act of involving all children in early childhood education irrespective of their differences. Every child comes to Little Spanish Garden with his own cultural beliefs, values, and expectations. The inclusion of children from different cultural backgrounds will help them to respect and honor their own as well as the identities of others. It will also help them to form a positive self-concept about their identity and background. 

Early childhood education is the most critical part of development. Early education provides a foundation for later learning. So, implementing diversity in classrooms can create a huge impact on their future. Diversity and inclusion in early childhood facilities will allow the children to learn various skills that will help them in the long run. As they mature, they will likely attend school, college and workplace, and will encounter different people with diverse backgrounds. Early childhood inclusive facilities will prepare them for the future. They will come to know that all are equal regardless of race, gender or religion and we are obliged to respect their differences. 

Collaborating with families can help educators to implement diversity effectively. Educators must make effort to support consistently caring and warm relationships between families and their children. Educators should understand the fact children tend to learn more when curriculum, teaching practices and environment are more focused on strengths rather than weaknesses. They tend to grow in environments that are linguistically, culturally, and developmentally appropriate. Instructors need to be well-supported by public policies and funds to advance diversity. A variety of strategies and approaches are available for educators to teach children regarding individual differences.  Little Spanish Garden is a happy place where diversity is a natural status that ignites young minds to the global perspective from infancy. With Spanish for fun, our students open up a whole other culture to themselves, learn and value diversity in a real way... in return they get a firmer grasp on what it means to express themselves in a world that is ever- increasingly competetive. 

In conclusion, every child has a right to enjoy equitable learning opportunities to help them become a valued member of society. Many early childcare facilities are working to promote diversity and inclusion. However, there is a long way to go. 







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