Changing the Provider- Parent Connection.

Changing the Provider- Parent Connection. Image

Technology is always moving forward. Life today, little resembles life just five years ago. If you go back far enough, it comes immensely clear how much technology has changed us all. Even within the last decade, our mobile devices have taken over more areas of our lives than any other piece of technology ever had before - mostly for the better. In order to offer you a maximum conveience, Little Spanish Garden (LSG) has launched a daily app, through which you can receive notifications, newsletters, and reports regarding your child.

Through the app, you can also message the LSG team, sending along any pertinent info and keeping the lines of communication open and functional. We embrace technology at LSG, recognizing its power to keep us in touch with parents and to streamline the early childhood education process that is so important to all of us. Little Spanish Garden connectivity app is available to all parents, creating for you a peace of mind that you need everyday your child is with us! 



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