To our front-line workers, essential services, and our childcare educators, Thank you for you commitment and on going hard work. To our present and potential parents, partners, and community for supporting each other and our children. 

Staff are our most important resource.  Without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the high-quality care our families deserve.  We know that these are scary times filled with stress and uncertainty and despite it all, we can count on you to ease the anxieties that your children and families face. While our children and families can count on you, we want you to know that you can count on us!  Your well-being is important to us and we are committed to supporting you and being there to meet your needs.  


We will strive to do the following whenever possible:

Staff Commitment to Program

I will strive to do the following as I come to work each day:

  • Report any COVID-19 symptoms immediately to the director.
  • Will report any exposure to COVID-19 for myself or my immediate family members to the director promptly.
  • Will not come to work if I’m experiencing a fever above 100, with no medication to reduce the fever.
  • Immediately report COVID-19 testing and positive diagnosis to the director.
  • Review and follow all revised/updated cleaning and health policies.
  • Will wear a mask at all times when I am within 6 feet of anyone.
  • Will wear an apron at all times.
  • Make modifications to the classroom environment as needed.
  • Strive to maintain a safe, fun and nurturing environment for the children in my care.
  • Be sensitive to the social emotional needs of the children and families.
  • Remain flexible and support administration in implementing updated policies.
  • Recognizing that these are extraordinary times.  When feeling overwhelmed, ask for help so we can continue to be at my best for the children, families and colleagues.

As we embrace our “New Normal”, we thank you for your dedication to Little Spanish Garden LLC and the children you so wonderfully serve.  Because of you, our families will be able to work with the peace of mind knowing that we are working diligently to keep their child safe.  We will get through these trying times together!


As you know, there is increasing focus on the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat across the country, with more states and counties taking bold action to keep schools safe. While preparation is very important, the CDC is still characterizing the overall risk of exposure for the general public as “relatively low,” even in communities where presence of the virus is elevated. 


We are fortunate that we have not yet had any reported cases of COVID-19 in our immediate early learning environment. That said, the health, safety and wellbeing of our children and extended community are our top priorities. 

We will continue to closely monitor any local coronavirus developments and have developed an internal task force to make decisions daily and prepare ourselves for a variety of scenarios. We are committed to making fact-based decisions—informed by official sources—and will notify you of our decisions as quickly as possible. We are also in regular contact with other providers across the country through a variety of resources and are committed to sharing our best ideas and practices with early learning centers and schools. 

Team LSG will continue to act with vigilance in promoting overall preventative health hygiene to minimize the spread of infectious diseases within our program, including: 

  • Thorough handwashing and covering up coughs/sneezes. 
  • Daily “wellness” checks of students—promptly sending students home if they show signs of illness. 
  • Ensuring all staff and children feeling ill stay home until they recover. 
  • Repeated cleaning of “high-touch” surfaces throughout the day. 
  • Wearing a face mask and apron throughout the entire work day.
  • Reassuring children as questions and concerns regarding the virus come up. Other optional statements to include: 
  •  Out of an abundance of caution, effective immediately, we are now asking that any students or staff (or those with household members) who have traveled to an area under the CDC’s Travel Health Notice NOT come to LSG for a 14-day period from the date of their return. This is national health authority guidance along with our learning centers policy. We understand that this may pose a significant inconvenience, but please know that we make this request with the wellbeing of our community as our priority. 
  • In the event that we receive reports of a confirmed COVID-19 case within our school community (student or staff) OR state or local officials require area schools to close due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the community at large, we are prepared to initiate “deep cleaning/disinfecting” protocols and temporary closure. If Little Spanish Garden must be dismissed for an extended period, we will provide suggestions for activities and lessons to facilitate continued learning at home. 
  • All visitors including tours are not being conducted during business hours. 
  • No fieldtrips. Children will still go outside and get exercise in the safest environment possible. 
  • We will continue requesting that parents remain outside for drop-off and pick-up when another parent is in route to pick up or inside the building. Please do not enter the building, please continue to wait patiently. If there is something urgent to discuss, please call ahead of time and follow the hand sanitizer, and mask protocol. Please continue to prepare your child that you will not be taking them into the building if they are used to you coming inside. 
  • We will continue to check your child’s temperature every morning before we start the day as well as mid-day. We also ask that if you are called due to your child having a fever that you come as quickly as possible to pick them up. 

As always please come to us with any questions or suggestions. We are committed to working together to ensure the health and safety of the children and families we serve.