Thank you so much for welcoming Emilio into your program over the Summer. These are challenging times, but we wouldn't have known it from the smile on Emilio's face when he comes home from Little Spanish Garden!! You have cultivated an amazing little community and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it, even if only for a short while. Thank you for so obviously putting the kids first, for teaching them such important skills and values, all the while making it fun. I hope LSG continues to grow and thrive and I wish you luck at the new site. Thanks for everything!!


There are so many joys to having children, But the added Blessings is when a parent is able to find care taking that is child centered, patient and kind, has activities based on fun learning, multiculturalism, along with early Spanish education. Little Spanish Garden has taught my child so much, and also taught me important lessons as a new parent. My daughter is a better person and has an advantage in life because of the educators at this lovely center. The gratitude is never ending.

M. Davenport

Dear LSG,

I am writing this letter in behalf of my son, Sonny Jr. It was not too long ago; it seems that my son became one of your kids at the day care center. Time flies. However; we have reached at this juncture where he has to say goodbye to you all as he is prepared for an effective transition into kindergarten. I Thank you all, the caregivers for taking good care of my son and for helping to shape him in these critical years of Life. I hope that my son; while in your care brought all of you the same happiness, Thank you for everything!

B. Cooper

Little Spanish Garden is full of music, dancing, warmth, joy, delicious healthy food, and happy children. Little Spanish Garden also reinforces respect and care for others. This is evident in the caring, respectful way all the children at LSG interact with one another. Little Spanish Garden has provided all of its children the life learning skills necessary to thrive in preschool. It is a place where my children and others are given the opportunity to creatively experience self-expression in the music they sing, the art they create, the stories they read, and the Yoga they practice. Little Spanish Garden has truly enriched our lives and continues to me see the world through my children’s eyes.

R. Gibson

It is amazing to me not to just see the cognitive advancements; But her learning, compassion, manners, sharing overall positive communication would not be so far along without the help of Little Spanish Garden. We are so happy having her in your care. Thank you all of LSG staff!

Maia D.

I love these amazing individuals!

S. Cooper

I absolutely love this place. If you aren’t there you are definitely missing out!

F. Jones

We present the Child Care Business Award to Little Spanish Garden. Thank you and Congratulations on this significant accomplishment!

Child Care Resource Network

I cannot say enough good things about Little Spanish Garden! First of all, I love picking up a tired baby each day from a full day of activities. Secondly, I am very pleased with how accommodating Liz has been to my request regarding my baby’s schedule. I found what I was looking for in a Daycare!

M. Pitts

I love Lil Spanish Garden. The best daycare ever! Liz is so caring and goes out her way to care for kids… If anyone need child care, please go to Lil Spanish Garden.

T. Mallory

Wow are we lucky to be a part of LSG family. Everyday Bradley comes home so happy from spending the day learning and playing. I am so glad we chose you LSG! The secondary language learning environment is a huge bonus for us too. Thank you for being so committed to our son and assisting us with his learning and advancement! We look forward to seeing Bradley grow with you. For anyone looking for a caring daycare which is committed to the progression of your child development – check out Litt Spanish Garden. I highly recommend them. It is so much fun and one of a kind day care!

J. Britton

The team at Little Spanish Garden put their heart and soul into their work. It is wonderful feeling to be able to leave my son in a loving nurturing environment that he is excited to go to each day. The space is beautifully organized, clean, and filled with great toys and learning materials. The staff go above and beyond to make each day engaging and fun. I cannot recommend LSG enough!

M. Manitowabi

My twins Jacob and Abigail have been with Little Spanish Garden for almost one year and have done very well in a small group setting. LSG is more than a daycare, It’s a great place to learn. It is clean and the schedule at LSG is just like home. My children are almost three years old and thanks to the wonderful team at LSG my children are in very good hands while I am at work. The LSG team was very supportive when there were in final phase of potty training. Every day is a different adventure in learning, and I am assured that my children will be ready for kindergarten.

Hymers Family

The care and Education that LSG has given our son Harrison since he was two months old has been integral to his development and the person he is becoming. The space itself, is clean, inviting, and exciting for children and we know every day our son will be engaged in a steady stream of mental and physical activities that help him understandably interact with the world around him. We are forever grateful to LSG team for their hard work, dedication, knowledge, passion and patience.